Rui Tan

Associate Professor


Van Duc Le

Senior research fellow

Xiangzhong Luo

Research fellow

Postgraduate Researchers and Students

Dongfang Guo

PhD Student

Rongrong Wang

PhD Student

Siyuan Zhou

PhD Student

Jiale Chen

PhD Student

Yimin Dai

PhD Student

Zimo Ma

PhD Student

Yuting Wu

PhD Student

Duc Phuc Nguyen

PhD Student

Zhuoran Chen

Project Officer

Visiting Students

Huimin Chen

Visiting Student (PhD candidate at ZJU)

Shihao Shen

Visiting Student (PhD candidate at TJU)


  • Zhenyu Yan (PhD student and Research Fellow; Joined the faculty of CUHK in 2021)
  • Chaojie Gu (PhD student and Research Fellow; Joined the faculty of ZJU in 2021)
  • Qun Song (PhD student; Joined the faculty of TU Delft in 2022)
  • Linshan Jiang (PhD student and Research Fellow)
  • Wenjie Luo (PhD student)
  • Yingbo Liu (Research Fellow; Joined the faculty of YNUFE in 2019 )
  • Rutvij H. Jhaveri (Research Fellow; Joined the faculty of PDEU India in 2019 )
  • Joy Qiping Yang (Project officer)
  • Hangtai Li (Visiting Student)
  • Mengyao Zheng (Visiting Student; Admitted to Harvard master program in 2021 )
  • Dixing Xu (Visiting Student)
  • Chongrong Fang (Visiting Student; Joined the faculty of SJTU in 2021 )
  • Jue Tian (Visiting Student)
  • Lilin Xu (Visiting Student)